Thursday, March 15, 2012

Movin' on up.. to include BEER! Plus Upcoming Seattle Area Events...

With the recent relocation of a friend of mine from San Diego to Seattle, the idea was brought forth to add a guest contributor to Sips & the City. Until now I've focused solely on wine, and I'll continue to do that. The change will come as the talented Ally Long (@AllyDrinksBeer) begins to contribute some beer related posts from time to time! She wants an outlet to put her Journalism degree to good use, I like diversified content, and a lot of wine drinkers are beer drinkers too, so what the heck; let's go for it! Look for posts from Ally coming soon...

Also: there are several fun events coming up in March and April that are worth mentioning. Since SATC will now include some beer related content, I included those as well:

3/30 to 3/31/12 - Hop Scotch, Fremont Studios, Seattle

3/31/12 - Washington Cask Brewers Festival, Seattle Center, Seattle

3/31 to 4/1/12 - Taste Washington!, Century Link Field Event Center, Seattle

4/11/12 - Sexy Syrah, Salty's on Alki, Seattle

4/21 to 4/22/12 - Passport to Woodinville, Woodinville area wineries, Woodinville

There are also a LOT of great tastings happening at local wine shops on a daily basis, so keep your eyes open for those. The above events are some of the larger ones coming up that are likely to sell out in advance, so get your tickets early!

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