Sunday, January 25, 2015

Upcoming Event: 2015 Seattle Wine & Food Experience - 2/22/15 - Seattle Center Exhibition Hall

Ladies and gents, it’s go time again! The Seattle Wine & Food Experience (SWFE)(@SeattleWineFood) kicks off the 2015 event season on Sunday February 22nd with all of the delectable food and beverages that we have come to know and love at this event. The seventh vintage of this event will once again be held at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall (12-5pm VIP, 1-5pm General Admission), which has been home to all of the delicious offerings for many years. As I’ve mentioned in past posts about SWFE, one of the best parts of this event is that it isn’t just Washington specific. SWFE brings in wines, beers and spirits from around the U.S. and around the world. This allows guests a great opportunity to try things they may never come across at any other Seattle tasting event.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hear, Hear to a New Year!

Happy 2015! I’m back party people! OK, so I've been a less than stellar blogger as of late and I apologize for that to the many readers (well, all 5 of you) of Sips & The City. I put it in writing in my Christmas letter that I vowed to write more this year, so I am going to make good on that promise. First off, some changes. My wonderful beer expert Ally has gotten hitched and flown the coop to Florida, so I am once again alone in my Seattle (and beyond!) tasting adventures. You will probably see the occasional beer post from me, but the person that actually knows her stuff about beer likely won’t be contributing as she has in the past. But fear not, I live with a male that enjoys the brews, so there may be some times where he gets to provide some insight into a post that I write. We’ll see where the wind blows us!

Now for the good stuff, as in what’s coming up on Sips & The City! Here’s what the next few posts have in store:

-The 2015 Seattle Wine & Food Experience (SWFE) is coming up February 22nd. Post coming next week with details on the event and a chance to win tickets!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and love & booze have always gone hand in hand (am I right?!). Looking for some ideas on what to enjoy with that special someone on everyone’s favorite Hallmark holiday? Look no further. Well, come back and look further when I get the post on it up…

-2015 Taste Washington is coming up before we know it, this year happening March 28th and 29th. A post on this year’s event details and information on seminars coming soon.

-A post on the big picture of wine in the U.S. Just a teaser for now, look for the real deal in the future!

-And as always, Sips on the Road whenever I travel somewhere and have the opportunity to try a new winery, brewery or spirit (aka I need to travel more..)

Looking forward to a great 2015 and all of the events, tastes, and fun adventures I’ll be able to write about. Cheers and I’ll be seeing you SOON!