Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Upcoming Event: Rosé Revival & Other Cool Whites - June 18th, 2015 - Ray's Boathouse

Well, the days are longer, the the sun is shining, there's far too many people in "Suns Out, Guns Out" tank tops, and the temperature has reached a level where Seattlites start complaining; it must be summer! And with summer we start discriminating against our wines and long for only whites and rosés. Because come on, who wants to drink room temperature liquid when it's 90 degrees outside? Your troubles are no more! Look no further than Rosé Revival on June 18th at Ray's Boathouse. Held on a beautiful dock that is part of the event space adjacent to the restaurant, you're treated to a beautiful sunset and over a hundred rosé and white wines from 30+ different wineries. In addition to Northwest wineries (the list can be found here) there will also be a table with wines from Italy, France Argentina, Australia, and more. This is the 13th vintage of this great summer event, where attendees get to say no to reds! (Seriously, there are no red wines poured at this event!)

This year's event includes a 5 p.m. early VIP entry ($50/ticket) limited to just 50 people (with the general admission ($35/ticket) starting at 6 p.m.). If you're tired of bumping elbows with other people while trying to get your next taste then try out this option! Also, all advance ticket purchasers (VIP or GA) get a ticket for Wild Salmon Sliders and other snacks from Ray's Boathouse! Like what you're tasting? There will be a wine store onsite so you can take home your favorites!

I attended this event last year and really liked the small intimate nature of it. Sure, the big wine tasting events are fun and offer a huge variety, but the small events give you a chance to learn a little bit more about the wines you're tasting. Less people means a better chance to talk to the winemakers. The view doesn't hurt either, who doesn't like sipping wine while staring out at Puget Sound? So let's hope for a beautiful night like we had last year and get your tickets now for this year's Rosé Revival & Other Cool Whites on June 18th!

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