Thursday, August 29, 2013

Upcoming Event: #Cabacon Day - 8/30/2013


What do you get when you combine #CabernetDay (August 29th) and International #BaconDay (August 31st)? BAM, it’s #CABACON! This new holiday is sandwiched in between these two established days, and this year will happen on Friday, August 30th.  The brilliant marketing folks at BevMo (@BevMo) came up with this amazing combination to pair some quality Cabernet Sauvignons with bacon flavored items that they carry. “Whaaaat, that’s crazy!” you may be thinking (or rather you may have actually said that out loud…), but we’re not talking about pairing ACTUAL bacon with Cabernet (cause that would be a little weird). We’re talking about pairing some food items that you commonly see paired with wines that happen to have a bacon flavor to them. Cheese and chocolate people, two of life’s great treasures! The good people of BevMo were kind enough to send over a #Cabacon Day kit for me so that I can participate in this unique tasting pairing and write about it for all you fine people (People? Person? How many people actually read this?). So without further ado, I give you the #Cabacon Day contenders…
The Wines

2010 Main & Geary Cabernet Sauvignon – BevMo’s own Wilfred Wong (great guy if you’ve never met him!) states that this one is “beautifully designed and elegant” with “loads of ripe, black currents and cassis flavors”. ($19.95 regular, $17.95 ClubBev)

2011 Longhand Cabernet Sauvignon – Wilfred describes this one as “an absolute stunner” which “shows plums, boysenberries and dried orange peel”. ($29.95 regular, $24.95 ClubBev)


2010 Athenaeum Cabernet Sauvignon – This Cab is described by Wilfred as “a formidable red”, and one that “solidifies the palate with black fruit and sweet tannins”. ($39.95 regular, $29.95 ClubBev)

The Chocolate

Vosges Haut-Chocolat (@Vosges) Mo’s Milk Bar (45% deep milk chocolate) and Mo’s Dark Bar (62% dark chocolate) each are flavored with hickory smoked uncured bacon and alderwood smoked salt. If you think about it, bacon flavored chocolate is pretty genius. The two items separately are obsessed over world wide (OK, maybe not WORLD wide, but stick with me here). Combination of champions if you ask me. I’ve never tried this flavor temptation, but am looking forward to doing so for the #Cabacon tasting tomorrow (August 30th).

The Cheese

Yes, this is a photo of a photo of cheese. So I don’t actually have the cheese in my possession yet, you know how it goes with warm summer weather and shipping cheese.. well, it doesn’t go. Not at all. So they were kind enough to send me a BevMo gift card and a photo of the chosen Yancy’s Fancy Smoked Gouda with Bacon. Get that in my belly. I need to stop by BevMo on my drive home from work tomorrow and procure that goodness for sure!

The Mission

The mission is this: mash up Cabernet and Bacon together to create one harmonious word, #Cabacon. The wines chosen by BevMo’s Wilfred Wong were picked specifically as those that are optimum bacon-pairing Cabernets carried by BevMo. All of the bacon flavored food items are also things you can find at BevMo as well. That store has got it going on, let me tell you. So tune in tomorrow evening (Friday August 30th) while I taste and tweet about all of the #Cabacon goodness there is to be had. Look for a follow-up post after the event that recaps all of the #Cabacon paired favorites. Let’s do this!

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