Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Barrage Cellars - Woodinville, WA

A few posts ago I had mentioned that I would have a write-up on the Barrage Cellars 2007 Outcast Cab Franc. Well, that time has finally come! I was finally able to enjoy this bottle with some friends while on a trip down in Utah (yes, I took my own wine.. sssh.. don't tell!). I thought it would be fun to get the first taste notes and flavor opinions from all of the people I was drinking it with, so they are all included here as well. In attendance for this bottle was myself (Taryn), Heather (a born and bred wine lover), Tyler (fiance of Heather, her wine love has rubbed off on him), and Ryan (Tyler's roommate, and oddly enough someone I went to high school with in AK!).

To start with, a little about Barrage Cellars: Barrage is owned and operated by Kevin Correll and his lovely wife Rebecca. They have a wonderful space in the Woodinville Warehouse District, side by side with many other wineries that have space in the area as well. Their tasting room is beautifully simple and inviting, where you're greeted right as you walk through the door. The barrel room in the back of their space holds the liquid treasure that has yet to be bottled. This is a great winery that produces some fantastic wines.

The 2007 Outcast Cab Franc is 100% Cab Franc from the Boushey Vineyard in Grandview, WA. My first impression of the aroma of this wine was that it was very pleasant and that of a true cab franc. My first taste was delightful, and the flavors consumed the entire mouth. Especially noteworthy was the taste I got on the back of the pallet, which was very smooth. Flavors of black cherry were present and kept me wanting more. It has a beautiful dark color that is very solid when you try to take a look through the glass. I am a big fan of caesar salad (I make mine from scratch!) and the rich garlic flavors of that salad would be so tasty with this wine. In fact, I would eat just about any food with this wine! The wine definitely improved as it sat open for awhile, and decanting it would make it even better.

Heather's opinion was that it had a "nice bouquet" and that at first taste it was very "fruit forward" and "very smooth". Tyler said that it had "a nice aroma" and that the wine was "good, and very smooth". He went on to say that it was "not overly complex, but complex enough" (my favorite note of the tasting!). Ryan tasted it and announced "I like hot cabs" and said that it has "a fair amount of black cherry". Everyone in attendance was a big fan of the 2007 Outcast Cab Franc and we were very lucky to enjoy this bottle to start out our Friday night!

Thanks again to Kevin Correll for creating such a tasty wine. I look forward to what the future vintages have to offer!

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