Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sip Wine Bar - Seattle, WA

I have now visited Sip Wine Bar (@sipwinebar) in downtown Seattle four times, and every time has been very enjoyable. My favorite night to visit is Thursday, where it's "ladies night" all evening long and all wine flights are 1/2 off. I must say, their wine flights are one of my favorite things about Sip. The come in the most adorable little wine tree looking things with a great little description of each wine in the order they are placed on the tree. A go-to flight for me has been the "Call me a Cab" flight because it contains some very tasty WA Cab Sauvs. On my most recent visit, I branched out (how fitting a reference to the "wine trees") and tried the "Bubbly" flight as well as the "Word of Whites" flight. I was impressed with the wine choices for each of these flights. I'm a huge fan of using the words "yummy" and "tasty" when describing wines and both flights were indeed that.

And the food.. since I always go for happy hour time, I have always ordered from the appetizer menu. I am a HUGE fan of the sliders at Sip. The sauce on them and Hawaiian sweet roles used for the bread is such an excellent combination. I highly recommend these! The crab cakes are also quite good. I need to try new things the next time I'm in, I always seem to get the same thing every time I visit!

Overall, Sip Wine Bar is a great place to check out for happy hour, and (I'm assuming, can't really judge since I haven't tried yet) dinner. Looking forward to warmer weather when I can try out their patio. Great views of the downtown area and the beautiful Seattle Public Library from there.

Sip Wine Bar
909 5th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104

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  1. Hi Taryn, Awesome start to the blog. We'll have to check this out, I love happy hour apps and wine flights !! Cheers, Max @sojencellars.